A New Year Note

Finally, I completed the certification as required for my new job in 2017. Glad to start the new year with a new job that relates to what I believe in: education for all, regardless the learners’ age, citizenship status, color skin, finance, gender, race, religion, and even IQ.

Shitty 2016, one year as an unemployed person in a new country with upside down political issues, adding to that, the increasing religious intolerance in my home country. At the same time, the year 2016 made me humble to went through what I wished to do after 15 years solely working for the United Nations and its agency. It gave the opportunity to explore all possibilities from volunteering at local NGOs (definitely will continue in 2017) to commercial blogger and photographer (which makes blogging and photography less fun).

Lots of explorations in between that allow me to meet awesome people who become new friends while long term friends and family are still staying in touch although they are scattered around the world. Reflecting those moments when writing this post, 2016 is actually not as shitty year as initially I had in mind.

Sometimes we forget how much 365 days brings to our lives. Following my own reflection of 2016, I hope for more positive and wonderful 365 days in 2017 for you and our planet. 365 new days, 365 new chances.

Happy New Year!



  1. Happy new year mbak Indah!! I’m still hoping we can meet up. I haven’t been to the cities much except for a conference in November.


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